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Winter-Spring 2023

Layer hens, hatching chicks, and egg orders

We work with local homesteaders and growers in Texas to help community members buy farm fresh eggs, grows chicks for their own property and freedom, and find quality layers hens to supplement grocery budgets and create the bedrock of home/farm industry.

Contact Mike for orders and purchasing info 435.512.8728

Maker’s Space and Craft Studio

Our passion for design, art, ceramics and stained glass has grown into a desire to allow other artists a place to experiment and create. We hold one-on-one instruction and offer everyone the opportunity to get started on new projects, whatever level of their experience. We also offer classes and education for family tree research and history.

Contact Shelly for info or help getting started on your next idea 575.495.1359

Canning, Kitchen gardens, and Breads

No homestead endeavor is effective without basic food preservation, harvesting, and preparation. Discuss with other local growers ideas to get the most production from your land. Find and join a farmers market near you, or start your own! Buy, sell, trade or barter. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, we can help you to find resources, make your own medicinals, or discover new recipes and ways to use your food storage.

Contact Amy for help or more info 801.815.6177

We work to give our community a place to learn, find resources to expand your homestead, and gain practical skills in small scale agriculture.

Contact Mike for more info 435-512-8728

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